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Caprice Royal... Middleast... qoutation??

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  • Caprice Royal... Middleast... qoutation??

    Dear LPE Sales,

    My Car is a 2007 chevy caprice royal (Ausi Holden Caprice V8).
    it has an LS somthing engine with a 362HP
    it comes with the old 4 gears trans...
    It is basically a long version of the G8 GT...
    it has around 19K km...
    1. What sort of engine upgrade packages can fit into my car?
    2. As an extra to the engine package, I'm interested in voice damping & heat insulation the whole car + HD Transmission Rebuilt?
    3. Bear in mind that I don't wish to sacrifice the luxury ride feeling. I want to maintain it as much as possible + the Extra power. you are the expert in finding the sweet spot of a balanced Ride Quality/ Performance.
    4. How much does it cost in total + shipment it from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to LPE & back?

    Many Thanks in Advance...

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    Lingenfelter Caprice Royal Engine Upgrades

    After doing some checking we are not positive which engine the 2007 would have. Could you PM your VIN of the car and we can look into what would cross over from vehicles we do offer products for. Sound dampening and heat reflecting material is something we do offer. The Dynamat works very well and is something we install regularly on vehicles here while doing engine packages. You would need pull the interior and carpet to install it but the results we have seen make it worth while. Where you considering sending the whole car back or just components.


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      Hi Tim,

      Thanks for the swift response...

      I looked it up for you & it is an L76 Engine WITHOUT displacement on demand.

      For the transmission Its either 4L65-E or 4L60-E.... I'm not sure...

      & yes I want my whole car back please

      could you kindly give me a ruff cost estimation??


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        for the trans. I've been told it is a "4l65-e/M32"


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          Carice Royal Performance Upgrades

          After doing some research I have found out that the calibration files are going to be different from what we have on worked with in the past. In order to find out more on the calibration files I am going to need the VIN of your car.

          I did check to get prices on shipping the car to the US and have not heard back with quotes. In my past shipping experience its about $4,000.00 to send a vehicle in a container via ocean shipping each way to the Middle East so this might make sending the whole car back to the US cost prohibitive. This project could be done by sending a complete supercharger kit or engine to be installed in your area.