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LSA/LS2/LS3 Frankenstein motor Project..

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  • LSA/LS2/LS3 Frankenstein motor Project..

    Heres my project that I'm hoping the bright minds of Lingenfelter can help me with, as I know there are not many out there that do work with the LSA engine.

    My engine is an L76 (AFM motor) but will soon be turned into an LS2 (AFM delete) and it will have some work done to the LS3 heads that the come with the L76.

    That all said, I have the majority of an LSA supercharger (lower rotor half, and upper Camaro I/C cover half) and I have the list of all the LSA charger specific components.

    I'm not really sure how to word the question(s) but I'll try my best..
    What I need to know, and am hoping you all can help with, what are the little things I need to do to make the charger work right, what GM sensors will work or not, what I could get away with not using, what must be used to make the charger work correct.

    can I reuse my stock TB, or will I have to aquire the TB that the LSA comes with stock?

    Thank you for any help you can give me. I'm sure when/if this thread progress's I'll be able to better convey what need to know, making it easier for help to be provided.