Lingenfelter LS7 427 CID 630 HP 11.5 Crate Engine LS7 Heads

Rough Idle

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    Long block crate & stand $199.95
    Lingenfelter LS7 427 CID 630 HP 570 lbs ft of torque
    11.5:1 compression ratio 93 octane fuel
    GM LS7 7 L aluminum block
    Oliver 6.125 4340 billet steel I-Beam connecting rods
    JE forged aluminum pistons high tensile 2618 T6 alloy
    Total Seal Premium file fit rings
    Callies 4340 forged steel Dragon Slayer crankshaft -58x reluctor
    Clevite heavy duty HN rod bearings
    Federal-Mogul Speed-Pro heavy duty main bearings
    GM camshaft sprocket, crank gear & HD timing chain
    Lingenfelter GT19 hydraulic roller camshaft
    GM LS7 dry sump oil pump
    GM keyed harmonic balancer
    GM LS7 lifters, lifter guides
    Corvette LS7 dry sump aluminum oil pan
    C6 Corvette valley cover, valve covers
    C6 Corvette rear cover
    Multi-layer steel (MLS) cylinder head gaskets
    GM head bolts, crank bolt
    Lingenfelter CNC ported & polished LS7 cylinder heads
    Competition Cams double valve springs, titanium retainers, 10 degree locks
    GM LS7 2.205 diameter titanium intake valves
    GM LS7 1.615 diameter hollow stemmed sodium filled exhaust valves
    Competition Cams HD pushrods
    GM LS7 roller rocker arms, rocker arm stands, bolts
    LS7 Corvette composite intake manifold - fuel rails
    90 MM throttle body
    Properly sized fuel injectors
    LS7 coils, Magnacor plug wires, LPE logo Koolsox wire protectors, AC Delco spark plugs
    Lingenfelter Precision Built Engine certificate of authenticity

    Component Preparation:
    All internal parts de-burred, hand washed & inspected
    Pistons, pins and connecting rods are pin fit
    Crankshafts - computer balanced to .2 grams per inch
    Chamfered oil holes & bearing surfaces micro polished
    Cylinder Block align hone checked / machined
    Precision honed on a Rottler HP6 with torque plates
    Hand de-burred, bolt holes are checked and re-tapped
    Cylinder heads precision 3 angle valve job to maximize flow & provide extended life
    CC checking chamber size for correct compression, surfacing to insure deck flatness
    Deburring, pressure testing, professional assembly, setting spring height
    Checking all tolerances
    Professional assembly & blueprinting

    Lingenfelter Precision built custom engine assemblies for street and race applications can be ordered with many additional components and features. You can select specific options to make your engine assembly exactly as you need it.

    Shipping will be freight collect via least expensive way.

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