Lingenfelter Walbro C5 Corvette Intank Fuel Pump Module 1997-2003

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    Lingenfelter offers this in-tank fuel pump for high performance applications where the standard pump is not capable of supplying sufficient fuel flow. Designed be a direct replacement for the 1997-2003 Corvette and is perfect for turbocharged or supercharged applications.

    When installed in a C5 Corvette this pump is rated at 600 HP @ 58 PSI allowing for hot fuel handling and jet pump operation. For higher horsepower applications Lingenfelter suggests the addition of the boost-a-pump with our pump which was designed to be run for extend periods of time at 17 volts.

    General pump specifications: 225 liters/hour @ 60 PSI.

    This pump will not work on 2003 and newer fuel systems. This would be the VIN after 114930 (last six digits) built November 25, 2002.

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