Racetronix C5 C6 Corvette Fuel Pump Upgrade Harness 2003 & Up

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Racetronix C5 C6 Corvette Fuel Pump Upgrade Harness 2003 & Up

Product Details

Upgrade Harness:

* Alternator-direct power for maximum voltage
* True PnP with GM type connectors
* Pump booster PnP ready
* Genuine Delphi water-proof connectors
* Heavy 10 gauge main power wire
* Siemens / Tyco 40 amp mil. spec. sealed relay
* Redundant grounds = improved voltage & reliability
* Spare ATC fuses, wire ties, silicon grease
* SS Mounting hardware
* All connections crimped and soldered
* Racetronix Lifetime warranty

Alternator-direct power for maximum voltage / True PnP with GM type connectors:

The 2003+ C5 Corvette is equipped with a top-loaded fuel module which contains a Walbro vane-type fuel pump. This module has an integrated fuel pressure regulator and fuel filter. The Walbro vane pump used in this new module flows less fuel than the Walbro gerotor pump used in previous model C5's. Having the regulator located in the module moves the point of regulation farther away from the fuel rail. This reduces the fuel pressure stability at the rail even further. Racetronix will be releasing a fuel pump upgrade for this application however removing the fuel module is a major job in this case. The exhaust system and transaxle must be dropped in order to remove the DS fuel tank which contains the fuel module. The module itself is very difficult to re & re from the tank. For these reasons most C5 owners who have this system will chose to use external devices to boost fuel pump performance. This is where the Racetronix fuel pump upgrade harness comes into play. The Racetronix PnP upgrade harness provides alternator-direct power for maximum pump voltage. Racetronix has documented an average 1.0-1.2V increase in pump supply voltage on the 2003+ C5. This equates to a 10-15% increase in pump volume. A minor increase in fuel pressure will actually be experienced with the installation of this harness. The harness is fully 'plug & play' so it is installed without cutting into the factory wiring. The entire harness is waterproof made with the same Delphi interconnect components used throughout your C5. The harness' operation is quite simple. The factory power wire which was once used to supply the fuel pump is used to trigger a 40 amp-rated mil. spec. relay which in turn supplies power directly from the car's alternator with fused protection. The harness is ultra-reliable which is why Racetronix provides a lifetime warranty on parts and labor. All connections are crimped and soldered unlike the factory where they are only crimped. All wiring is protected by high-temperature-rated Nylon looming.

Redundant grounds = improved voltage & reliability:

A redundant ground is provided which loops into the harness. This loop enhances the pump's ground providing a two-fold improvement.

Pump booster PnP ready:

Most people installing supercharger, turbo or nitrous oxide systems in a 2003+ C5 will chose to use a fuel pump booster / voltage amplifier (KB BAP or MSD) which can increase vane pump performance upwards of 50%. Up until now people installing a booster would have to cut into the factory wiring harness which for many reasons is not a very good approach. This is no longer required with the Racetronix harness as it is equipped with an intermediate high-current (30 amp) connector just after the relay. This allows for easy plug & play addition of a pump voltage booster. The Racetronix harness removes the increased load off of the factory wiring created by the booster's amplification process. The Racetronix harness only supplies power to the pump booster when the vehicle computer commands fuel pump operation so there will be no parasitic load on your battery when engine is not running. The Racetronix harness allows the booster to be removed easily should the need arise. The booster is easily mounted inside the open area behind the driver's side rear wheel well covering where these is plenty of room, good ventilation and minimal exposure to the elements. This area is easily accessible and prevents the booster's installation from adding to underhood clutter. A connector assembly set is included so that any booster can be adapted to plug into the Racetronix harness. The Racetronix harness further enhances the pump booster's performance by eliminating the factory wiring's voltage drop which would require more voltage amplification as compensation. The heavy 10 gauge power feed is rated at 30 amps (relay 40 amps) which is more than capable of handling the 15+ amp load generated by the booster and pump at elevated voltages. The best part is that the Racetronix harness is so easy to install that the labor savings will usually pay for the harness itself when compared to hardwiring a permanent solution from scratch.

Hardware included:

Plenty of wire ties are included as well as a SS mounting hardware for the fuse holder, spare 20A ATC fuse and silicon grease to prevent corrosion and lubricate the chassis-mounted ground leads .

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