Adam's Undercarriage Spray Dressing Refill 1 Gallon - SAVE 30 PERCENT

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Adam's Undercarriage Spray Dressing Refill 1 Gallon - SAVE 30 PERCENT

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Give your Detail that Crisp, Sharp Look
Turn your Ugly Wheel Wells Invisible
Quick and Easy to Use
Leaves a Black Satin Finish After you have finishing cleaning, claying, polishing and waxing your car does it still lack a crisp, finished look? Chances are, it's not your paintwork or trim, it's those ugly wheel wells. You need to make them disappear with Adam's Undercarriage Spray Dressing! Here's the secret. While you're washing your wheels, spray Adam's All Purpose Cleaner in your fender wells and give them a good scrubbing with a fender brush. Let the cleaner dwell while you clean the tire and wheel and then give everything a thorough rinsing. If your wheel wells are really nasty looking, scrub them twice. After washing, allow to air dry, blow dry or towel dry.

Once dry, spray a light coating of Adam's Undercarriage Spray Dressing to all areas of the fender well and then work the product in with an old towel. When you're finished, your black fender well liners will have a perfect satin black finish. They literally become invisible and no longer stand out where they can rob your car of its detailed beauty. Now you're ready to detail the rest of your car.

PRO TIP! Adam's Undercarriage Spray Dressing can stain concrete if it is allowed to drip off. Place newspaper or scrap towels under the fender prior to spraying.

Contents: Choice of Adam's Undercarriage Spray Dressing 1 Gallon or 5 Gallon Refill


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