Adam's Machine Super Sealant 16 OZ

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Adam's Machine Super Sealant 16 OZ

Product Details

Our Most Durable, Longest Lasting, Protection
Easy Machine Application Offers More Shine
Bright, Reflective, Glossy Finish
Protect Your Paint & Achieve Better Results by Machine

If you own a Flex XC 3401 VRG, Polisher or Porter Cable 7424, 7424XP or 7336 Dual-Action Polisher, you're going to love Adam's Machine Super Sealant!

Adam's Machine Super Sealant is super easy to apply, shines like crazy, and lasts through an entire season. Proudly made in America, Adam's Machine Super Sealant is a paint sealant (synthetic car wax) that works without excuses. The best machine applied sealant guaranteed!

Other paint sealant and synthetic car wax products claim to last a year, 5-years, even a life-time. At the same time, many of these long-lasting products tell you to "add additional coats for more protection and shine", or "apply as often as you like". It's all hype, any product will last forever if you apply it every month!

At Adam's Polishes, we don't hype our products. We tell it straight up, and the straight truth is that your car needs to be cleaned, polished and waxed every season. It's regular maintenance, just like changing your car's motor oil. You wouldn't let your oil go a full year without changing it, would you? Treat your car's paint with the same respect. Treat it to Adam's Machine Super Sealant!

Adam's Machine Super Sealant goes on like a dream with Adam's Machine Sealant & Waxing Pad. Simply apply small dab at a time with your dual-action polisher set to low speed. Allow to Adam's Machine Super Sealant to haze, then buff off to a radiant shine with Adam's Double Soft Microfiber Towels. Wow, what a shine!

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