Adam's Quick Sealant Paint Protection Spray - 1 in stock

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Adam's Quick Sealant Paint Protection Spray - 1 in stock

Product Details

100% Optically Clear! No residues or staining on any surface
Applies quick and easy for fast protection of paint, glass, & wheels
Excellent shine and long lasting durability for months of protection

An amazing break through in polymer technology, Adam's NEW Quick Sealant is the first product of its kind! Utilizing new cross linking polymers this spray on paint sealant is 100% optically clear, giving you a hard, durable shine, without any staining on adjacent trim. Adam's Quick Sealant is so perfectly clear it can actually be used to protect textured trim and matte finishes other sealants or waxes would easily discolor. Adam's Quick Sealant can be used to protect all exterior vehicle surfaces including paint, glass, chrome, aluminum and vinyl.

Simply prime a soft foam applicator, like the Adam's Americana Hex Grip, with a small amount of product then spray onto any surface in need of protection. Spread evenly with the applicator and allow a few moments for the product to form hard chemical bonds. Remove any residues with an Adam's Single or Double Soft microfiber towel. Finally, step back and admire the shine! Adam's Quick Sealant provides a lasting hard coat that will endure months of exposure to the elements.

Best of all Adam's Quick Sealant is environmentally friendly, using 100% VOC compliant propellants, and recycled materials for packaging.

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