Lingenfelter 2006 C6 ZO6 Corvette 427 CID Twin Turbo Car & Driver 2007 Shoot Out Car

Part Number: FV00022
Lingenfelter 2006 C6 ZO6 Corvette 427 CID Twin Turbo Car & Driver 2007 Shoot Out Car

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Lingenfelter's fastest C6 Corvette standing mile pass with street tires 226.25 MPH
0-200 mph in 18.34 seconds on 93 octane pump gas. Standing mile in 25.12 seconds at 226.25
1,100 HP rear wheel on 93 octane
1,300 HP rear wheel on race gas 23 psi boost

Based on horsepower and drag of the vehicle the calculated top speed would be roughly 300 MPH!

Tested the first time May 7th, 2007 at Oscoda, MI - Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport formerly Wurstsmith Air Force Base where the Lingenfelter C6 ZO6 Corvette 427 CID Twin Turbo blasted down the 11,800 foot runway from a dead stop to a measured mile at 226.25 MPH!

This Corvette is not a stripped down race car and still has the full interior, stock seats & air conditioning. The car still has the factory style independent rear suspension and could be a daily driver. The car is fitted with a Lingenfelter six point roll bar with side bar swing outs and Simpson 5 point harnesses. The tires used were standard production Michelin Pilot Sport PS2, mounted on HRE 840R series wheels.

This run beats our previous 2006 Motor Trend Shoot out run with a 2005 Corvette Twin Turbo that ran 211 MPH in the standing mile.

The 2006 C6 ZO6 Corvette is owned by Norm Koerner.

The last time a LPE Corvette went 226 MPH was way back in March of 2000, where John took a 1999 Corvette 650 HP Twin Turbo on the 7.5 mile long high bank oval track in Bellefontaine, Ohio at the former TRC facilty. John Lingenfelter was driving over 200 MPH coming out of the number four turn where he pushed the C5 Corvette to a new record of 226 MPH before entering turn one.

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