Lingenfelter LS2 403 CID Short Block Engine 24x 11.5 Compression

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Lingenfelter LS2 403 CID Short Block Engine 24x 11.5 Compression

Product Details

11.5 Compression when used with 65 cc chambers

Parts included in base engine
GM LS2 aluminum block - 4.000 bore
Water jacket plugs, oil galley & cam bearings
Mahle forged aluminum pistons - coated
Total Seal Premium file fit rings
Callies 4340 forged steel Dragon Slayer crankshaft -24x reluctor
Oliver 6.125 I beam billet steel connecting rods
Speed Pro heavy duty rod bearings
Speed Pro heavy duty main bearings
Enclosed shipping crate

Machine work included in base engine
All internal parts de-burred, hand washed & inspected
Pistons, pins and connecting rods are pin fit
Crankshafts - computer balanced to .2 grams per inch
Chamfered oil holes & bearing surfaces micro polished
Cylinder Block align hone checked / machined
Precision honed on a Rottler HP6 with torque plates
Hand de-burred, bolt holes are checked and re-tapped
Professional assembly & blueprinting

Lingenfelter offers our complete line of Precision Built engine assemblies in LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, LS7, LSA & LSX configurations. All of the Lingenfelter Precision Built engine assemblies are machined and built in house to allow LPE to control every aspect of the build process. This procedure allows LPE to produce a premium quality engine assembly for your next vehicle project.

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