Download the calibration file that was emailed to you and make sure it is in a folder that is easily found.

Plug the black cable Trifecta into the USB on your laptop.



 Download flash Trifecta FlasheLite


Locate the Trifecta FlasheLite file and double-click to install.

When you see the Install FlashElite box click Install.

Click the Windows button on your computer to open the search and locate your device manager.

 Click the down arrow under (Ports COM & LPT) to show your COM number and take note of the number as this will not be automatically selected. 


NOTE  If you do not see the Ports COM & LPT option be sure the Trifecta Cable is plugged in correctly or it will not show the port option on some computers.


 Go to the Trifecta FlashElite program and click the three lines as shown to select the configuration.


 Turn on the Perform Full Flash Sequence, then select the Interface COM Port number from your Device Manager previously noted.


Plug the Trifecta cable into the OBD 2 port under the dash near the driver’s door as shown.



 IMPORTANT With the vehicle turned off open and then close the door to make sure all the dash lights are off.

Go back to the Trifecta FlashElite Flash section and click File Select to upload the calibration file you previously saved to your laptop.

 Click Program to begin programming the vehicle.



Your calibration update is now complete, you may unplug the Trifecta cable from the vehicle.