Oracle LED ColorSHIFT Headlight Halo Kits Camaro 2010-15

Part Number: OH1011CHCA-CS
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Oracle LED ColorSHIFT Headlight Halo Kits Camaro 2010-15
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ORACLE LED ColorSHIFT Halo Kits use RGB Lighting Technology and are capable of producing literally hundreds of different vibrant colors. ColorSHIFT Halos are unique because they use a special tri-node 5050 LED that can produce any color via the included control unit. You can set the rings to one color or use one of the dozens of pre-programmed LED effects.

ORACLE ColorSHIFT Lighting Technology uses 5050 3-Chip LED/SMD (Light Emitting Diode/Surface Mount Diode) with RGB capabilities to allow the user to change their rings to hundreds of different color options. These halos have an expected life of 100,000 hours that will outlast your vehicle. The expected output from the LED/SMD halo rings is an intense bright illumination. ColorSHIFT LED/SMD Halos do not require power inverters, they operate from the 12V current of your vehicle.

ORACLE LED (SMD) Halo Kits use High-Powered Surface Mount Diodes to produce brilliant luminescence that is easily visible even in direct sunlight. These LED Halo Rings are composed of a 6-Layer circuit board which give the ring a rigid structure. The rings are powered directly to 12V power without any inverter or other external device.

What is included with the ORACLE ColorSHIFT 2.0 System:
(2) 5050 ColorSHIFT SMD Halo Rings featuring LEDs MADE IN THE USA by Bridgelux LED
(2) Programmable ColorSHIFT Control Box with IR Wireless Remote Control
Video and Written Installation Instructions to Guide you through the process
Everything you need to add ORACLE ColorSHIFT 2.0 Halos to you Camaro

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