ROTO-FAB Chevy Silverado GMC Sierra 1500 Cold Air Intake - 5.3L 2019-2020

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ROTO-FAB  Chevy Silverado GMC Sierra 1500 Cold Air Intake  -  5.3L 2019-2020

Product Details

The Roto-fab CAI development process starts by custom fabricating what we believe to be the perfect cold air intake for the vehicle. After a prototype is complete, we log thousands of miles testing and refining the design to improve quality and optimize performance. Once the ideal configuration is achieved, we then reverse engineer the system and tool up for production. This process gives you the fit, finish, and attention to detail of a one-off custom unit, with the quality and consistency of a production system.

We are extremely proud to announce the Roto-fab CAI for Silverado and Sierra 1500 is showing gains of 14 HP and 23 FT-LB TQ at the rear wheels in our dyno testing! We can say with great confidence that all of our advertised gains come from real world “apples to apples” testing – no BS. We are experts in optimizing performance on the factory calibration, so you can enjoy the benefits of this CAI with no tune required! Along with the performance benefits, we have observed a substantial increase in fuel efficiency with the Roto-fab CAI – an increase of up to 2 MPG! Also noteworthy is the subtle, but aggressive sound that our system adds.

While we always value function over form, this intake does look great under the hood! From the material selection to the textured finish, this cold air intake system looks like it belongs on your truck. We have incorporated a hinging aluminum lid with a single fastener design to make filter maintenance and removal a quick and easy process, as well as a tinted plexi-glas ® insert for effortless air filter inspection. With many of our CAI systems, we find our customers saying “It should have came from the factory like this!”

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