GM L92 L76 Aluminum Cylinder Head Assembly

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GM L92 L76 Aluminum Cylinder Head Assembly

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12629064 L76/L92 Cylinder Head Assembly
Aluminum Performance head replaces 12582713 Aluminum performance head
- Higher flow than cathedral port LS heads
- Fits any LS2 or LS family engine with 4.00” bore or larger 2.16” solid stem intake, and 1.59” solid stem exhaust valves
- .510” max valve lift with stock springs
- As-cast “rectangle port” intake ports - not compatible with LS7 intakes
- D-shaped exhaust ports As-cast combustion chambers
- Uses bare head P/N 12582714

Head 12582713 is assembled with the following components:
12590771 Intake valves
12582719 Exhaust valves
12589774 Valve springs
10166345 Valve locks
10166344 Valve spring retainers
12482063 Intake valve stem seals
12482062 Exhaust valve stem seals

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