ACS C6 Corvette GS4 Front Fenders Wide Body 2005-13

Part Number: ACS27-4-029
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Shipping Weight: 20.00 pounds
ACS C6 Corvette GS4 Front Fenders Wide Body 2005-13

Product Details

Made from its validated RTM process each fender is injected, prepped and primed to deliver a new level of quality never seen in the Corvette community. Fenders can be installed on any C6 Corvette 2005 and up including coupes, convertibles and Z06. Once installed, Z06 and Zr1 size wheels and tires can now be properly installed to improve handling and get the widebody style.

RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) technology creates a part of OEM quality. Fiberglass is injected into a mold and then compressed under high pressure. This manufacturing method creates a panel that is smooth on both sides with a consistent thickness across the entire surface. The controlled fiberglass/resin composition of RTM, reduces cure times and eliminates the possibility of "wet" parts being removed from the mold prematurely. All of which is impossible with the standard hand laying process. Panels are then trimmed using a CNC robotic water jet for a clean, smooth cut on every part. The result is better fitting panel, reducing body shop installation and fitment times.

Will require Z06 front bumper and various trim pieces.

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