Focus 4" Porter Cable Polishing Pad Kit

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Focus 4" Porter Cable Polishing Pad Kit

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NEW 4th Generation FOCUS 4" Pad System! Use with Porter Cable 7424 Polishers Color Matched to Adam's Polish System Remove Scratches, Heavy Swirl, Extreme Oxidation & More! Adam's FOCUS 4" Porter Cable Polishing Pad Kit is the perfect companion for your Porter Cable 7424 Polisher to remove scratches, stubborn water etching, oxidation, haze and other defects. Works great for your paint as well as to bring back those neglected headlights. Contents: Adam's FOCUS 4" Severe Swirl Remover Polishing Pad Adam's FOCUS 4" Swirl & Haze Remover Polishing Pad Adam's FOCUS 4" Fine Machine Polishing Pad Adam's FOCUS 4" Backing Plate Adam's PC 4" FOCUS Pad Backing Plate Adam's All Purpose Cleaner 4 oz. Adam’s FOCUS Polishing System We've done all the research, so all you have to do is the detailing. Our fool-proof proprietary Adam's 4th Generation FOCUS 4" Polishing Pads and Adam's Polishes are color matched, so you always know which product to use with which pad! STEP 1 - Adam's Severe Swirl Remover Polishing Pad with Adam's Severe Swirl Remover Polish – Remove Severe Paint Defects such as severe swirl, isolated scratches, problematic water etching, heavy oxidation and other more serious paint defects. (PAD INCLUDED) STEP 2 - Adam's Swirl & Haze Remover Polishing Pad with Adam's Swirl & Haze Remover Polish – Remove moderate paint defects such as swirl, minor scratches, minimal water etching, paint haze, light oxidation and other less serious paint defects. (PAD INCLUDED) STEP 3 - Adam's Fine Machine Polishing Pad with Adam's Fine Machine Polish - Use for pre-wax cleaning and gloss enhancement as your final step to paint perfection. This step will clean and prepare your paint for bonding of your car wax or paint sealant as well as enhance gloss and depth in shine for a show stopping finish. (PAD INCLUDED) STEP 4 - Adam's Machine Super Sealant & Wax Pad with Adam's Machine Super Sealant or Adam's Buttery Car Wax – Use to achieve serious protection on your freshly polished paint. Color matched to our Adam's Machine Super Sealant but you may also apply one of our all customer all-time favorites, Adam's Buttery Car Wax, with this pad. (PAD NOT INCLUDED) OPTIONAL STEP - Adam's Brilliant Glaze Machine Pad with Adam's Brilliant Glaze - Use to achieve the WOW factor which comes from Adam's Brilliant Glaze prior to Adam's Americana Premium Paste Wax or Adam's Buttery Car Wax. You may also use Adam's Brilliant Glaze after you apply Adam's Machine Super Sealant. Adam's Brilliant Glaze may also be used at any time to enhance and maintain the shine. This is an optional step and should only be used if you want your car’s finish to draw attention for its brilliance! This may not seem to be color matched but it is part of our red, white & blue Americana Premium Shine System, which includes Adam's Americana Premium Carnauba Paste Wax. (PAD NOT INCLUDED) NOTE: Not all paint finishes require steps one through two in the polishing process. It is only necessary to complete the steps needed to correct the condition of your paint.

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