BMR Suspension Pontiac GTO Drag Bags 2004-2006

Part Number: BMRDB001
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Shipping Weight: 8.00 pounds
BMR Suspension Pontiac GTO Drag Bags 2004-2006

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Does wheelhop plague your new GTO? This is a common side effect in independent rear suspensions caused by the inability to properly dampen vertical wheel movement with applied torque. Combine this with the minimal rear suspension travel of the new Goat and your bouncing off the bumpstops every time you stab the throttle. An easy solution to this is stiff rear spring rates, however ride quality then becomes an issue as well as excessive oversteer. The best solution is a set of BMR Drag Bags. This is an old solution to a relatively new problem. Spring rate can be altered by simply adding air (without effecting ride height) and ride quality remains un-effected when the bag is deflated.

Fairly simple 2-3 hour installation time.

NOTE: Works with OE springs only.

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