Brembo C5 Corvette Cross Drilled Brake Rotors 1997-2004 Rear

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Brembo C5 Corvette Cross Drilled Brake Rotors 1997-2004 Rear

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Brembo Sport Cross-Drilled Rotors are widely regarded as the world's finest factory-style replacement discs
Forged from high-carbon cast iron that guarantees top performance in any driving situation
These Brembo Sport Rotors utilize a cross-drilled design that evacuates heat and refreshes brake pad surfaces for better bite
Drilled surface also wicks water away from the rotor surface, noticeably improving brake response in wet weather conditions
Brembo Cross-Drilled Sport Rotors are directionally vented for maximum grip and centrifugal evacuation of heat gasses
Made to directly replace your stock rotors without the need for additional parts, modification or larger wheels
Brembo Sport Cross-Drilled Rotors work with the stock calipers and other brake components including ABS parts
Manufactured entirely in Brembo Brake facilities across the world
Brembo Sport Cross-Drilled Rotors have earned prestigious European TUV
certification for quality
Reduces braking sound

The world-renowned stopping power of Brembo can be had without replacing your vehicle's stock brake system. Brembo Sport Cross-Drilled Rotors directly replace marginal factory parts with high-quality counterparts that outperform all others.
Brembo Sport Cross-Drilled Rotors utilize choice high-carbon cast iron for their disc. This guarantees top performance in both street cruising and high-speed motoring, and reduces braking noise.
With their cross-drilled design, Brembo Sport Rotors provide more bite when it counts. The holes provide a clear path for heat and moisture to escape, helping Brembo Sport Rotors perform in any element.
Brembo Sport Rotors work directly with stock brake components, installing fast and fitting superbly. Brembo Sport Rotors even fit with the stock wheels and tires, making this set an easy upgrade. Indeed, world-class stopping power has never been more accessible than with premium Brembo Sport Cross-Drilled Rotors. 2-year warranty.

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