Adam's Ceramic Paint Coating Kit


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Adam's Ceramic Paint Coating Kit

Product Details

Ceramic coating at 7H hardness rating
Durable, long lasting paint protection
Hydrophobic properties repel water
Outstanding gloss and depth
Adam's Paint Coating offers an incredibly durable barrier designed to protect the surface of your vehicle from dirt and bonded contaminants, while preserving the depth and luster of your paint! This new coating includes the latest advances in ceramic technology, is user friendly, and safe on clear coats, single stage, and lacquer finishes. Applying Adamís Paint Coating not only minimizes the chances of introducing swirl marks and scratches during washing, but its hydrophobic nature will cause water to bead and repel off like crazy! Adamís Paint Coating is a product that contains ceramics. It forms a semi-permanent bond with the painted surfaces of your vehicle, creating a very durable layer of protection that can last one to two years, while providing incredible shine. Products like our Americana Paste Wax, Buttery Wax, H2O Guard & Gloss, and Paint Sealant provide excellent protection and shine for your vehicle typically for 6 months or less. They are relatively forgiving when it comes to application or removal of the products, like using a strip wash or clay bar to start fresh, whereas with Adamís Paint Coating, it must be removed by machine polishing due to it forming a much stronger bond with the painted surface. Adamís Paint Coating is not a product for everyone. Itís more expensive than our other wax and sealant products due to the cost of the chemicals, and does require much more care and technique to apply and remove. This is a product for the perfectionist that wants to keep their vehicle finish looking as perfect as possible for the longest amount of time in between detailing sessions, that may not have time to do a full detail 3 or 4 times per year. For your daily driver, you will love how water seems to dance off the car after a rainstorm, making cleanup afterward a breeze. Or for your show car that has a soft clear coat that scratches easily, you will have a little more reassurance when washing the vehicle or wiping it down at a show. CRUCIAL FIRST STEP: It is imperative to remove scratches and swirl marks by machine polishing the vehicles finish. Also, removing all polish residue and cleaning the vehicles surface with Adamís Coating Prep is necessary. Application Instructions: 1. Wash vehicle as thoroughly as possible following proper methods in our instructional videos. Dry vehicle Ė do not use any chemicals to help as a drying aid, such as Detail Spray or H2O Guard & Gloss. 2. Move vehicle indoors or under a covered surface to avoid contact with direct sunlight before applying Adamís Paint Coating. 3. The more preparation you do to the vehicle surface before applying Adamís Paint Coating, the easier it will be to apply and the better it will look. You want the surface as clean and bare as possible. 3a. Clay the painted surfaces if necessary using Adamís Visco Clay Bar, with Detail Spray as a lubricant for the clay, to remove bonded contamination from the clear coat. 3b. Machine polish the painted surfaces following our instructional videos to remove any imperfections. 3c. Once the coating has been applied and cured, you would have to machine polish it off if there are any imperfections underneath the coating that were not fixed prior to applying. 4. After all of the painted surfaces have been clayed and polished, continue the cleaning process by using Adamís Coating Prep to leave the paint bare and free of any residue. 5. Spray Adamís Coating Prep directly into a clean Single Soft Towel or onto the paint surface, then wipe surface to remove any traces of polish residue. 6. Put on the set of supplied rubber gloves to avoid any coating contact with your skin. Adamís Paint Coating will make the applicator sticky. 7. Pour several drops of Paint Coating onto the supplied microfiber applicator. Immediately secure the cap back onto the bottle to avoid premature curing of the product inside of the bottle. 8. Wipe the applicator onto the paint in approximately a 2-foot by 2-foot area or less, in up-down or left-right movements, using even pressure across the surface. Ensure that the Paint Coating fully covers the area. You may need to wipe back and forth a few times to level the coating properly. 9. After 15-30 seconds, coating will have a rainbow effect in appearance. Use a second clean Single Soft Towel to quickly wipe away all residue Ė do not allow Paint Coating to dry on any painted surfaces! 10. Move onto the next area of the paint, repeating Steps 7-9 Ė front fenders, doors, and so on. Do not apply any other products to the paint or expose the paint to any moisture for 24 hours. 11. Discard the microfiber applicator afterward. It is a single-use item that will harden as it dries when used with Adamís Paint Coating. Discard the Single Soft Towel used to wipe off the coating residue as well. 12. After 24 hours, add even more protection and shine by applying a layer of Adamís Ceramic Boost. Lightly spray Ceramic Boost onto paint surface, spread the product evenly with a premium Adam's Microfiber Towel, and then flip the towel over or use a second towel to buff away any residue.

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