Adam's NEW Ceramic Trim Coating Kit

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Adam's NEW Ceramic Trim Coating Kit

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Adam's Trim Coating is a durable ceramic barrier that darkens and keeps trim looking new for a minimum of a year. Use it on plastic side mirrors, wiper cowls, bumper inserts, and even rubber trim around windows, leaving a nice satin, semi-gloss appearance. IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: CLEAN FIRST! It is imperative to have a COMPLETELY clean and de-oxidized surface before applying Adamís Trim Coating. For the coating to adhere to the surface, work properly, and have a uniform appearance, cleaning is a must. Applying to a dirty surface can cause some areas to look dull or discolored compared to other areas. CLEAN FIRST! 1. Move vehicle indoors. Vehicle must remain dry for 24 hours after applying Adamís Trim Coating for proper curing time. 2. Clean all trim to be coated by spraying Adamís Tire & Rubber Cleaner directly into an Edgeless Utility Towel or onto the plastic trim surface, then scrub the area with moderate pressure to remove all dirt and oxidation. 3. Next, continue the cleaning process by using Adamís Coating Prep to leave the trim surface bare and free of any residue. 4. Spray Adamís Coating Prep directly into a second, clean Edgeless Utility Towel or onto the plastic trim surface, then wipe the entire area to remove any excess residue from the Tire & Rubber Cleaner used in Step 2. 5. Put on the set of supplied rubber gloves to avoid any coating contact with your skin Ė Adamís Trim Coating will make the applicator sticky. 6. Pour several drops of Trim Coating onto the supplied microfiber applicator. Immediately secure the cap back onto the bottle to avoid premature curing of the product inside of the bottle. 7. Wipe the applicator onto one trim area at a time, using even pressure across the surface. Ensure that the Trim Coating has a uniform appearance. You may need to wipe back and forth several times to level the coating properly for an even, semi-gloss shine. 8. For any excess Trim Coating accidentally applied onto painted surfaces, use a Single Soft Microfiber Towel to quickly wipe away any residue Ė Do not allow Trim Coating to dry on any painted surfaces! Do not apply any other products to trim areas and do not exposure the vehicle to any moisture for 24 hours. 9. Repeat for remaining trim areas. Discard the microfiber applicator afterward. It is a single-use item that will harden as it dries when used with Adamís Trim Coating. If a Single Soft Microfiber Towel was used to wipe away excess coating from paint, it may need to be discarded as well.

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