Adam's NEW Paint Correcting Polish 8oz

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Adam's NEW Paint Correcting Polish 8oz

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Adam's NEW Paint Correcting Polish is better than ever. Enjoy a longer open time, less dust and a more flawless finish.
All New Formula, long open-time, easily wipes away Silicone-free, body shop safe, dust-free formula On most finishes, Correcting Polish can achieve flawless results with the Orange Foam Pad For use with Adamís Orange Foam and Microfiber Cutting Pad
The main event in detailing is and always has been achieving that perfect, swirl free, paint finish. So when the team at Adam's set out to revamp our paint correction and polishing system we knew we had to raise the bar from our already great machine polishes. Tested and developed to work with both foam and microfiber polishing pads on all types of machines, Adam's New Paint Correcting Polish is a further step up from our previous formula. It finishes even more cleanly, it's extremely easy to use, and now has a pleasant smell while working as well! Adam's New Correcting Polish is still orange in color, but it has been reformulated to have a longer work or open-time, and wipe away with ease. High-tech diminishing micro abrasives provide powerful swirl removing action that cuts better and finishes cleaner than our previous version, which was already very good, but we always want to improve and give you better results in less time. Excellent working time that produces results quickly makes Adam's Correcting Polish the ideal solution for anyone looking to restore paint with light to moderate swirls and imperfections. You'll be completely stunned with the results that can be achieved in less time than ever before. We truly think you will be amazed at how awesome all three of our new polishes work together as a world-class polishing system! Color coded to our Orange Foam Cutting Pads, you'll never be left wondering which product to use with what pad. We've done the research so you don't have to! Adam's Correcting Polish is also backwards compatible with all our previous generation orange foam pads. As with all Adam's products, Correcting Polish is formulated, manufactured, and bottled here in the USA. It's also backed with the Adam's 110% satisfaction guarantee! For moderate correction, start with Adamís Microfiber Cutting Pad. 1. Apply 4 drops onto an Adam's Orange Foam or Microfiber Cutting Pad. Prime the foam pad with one mist of Detail Spray. 2. Spread polish over a 2-foot by 2-foot area. 3. Set polisher speed to High, 5 or 6. Slowly work in up-down and left-right patterns, 3-5 pounds of downward pressure, 25% overlap. 4. Work until the polish appears clear/oily on paint surface. Use Adamís Pad Conditioning Brush on the microfiber pad when it becomes matted-down. 5. Remove residue with an Adamís Microfiber Towel. Inspect surface. 6. If imperfections remain, repeat the process using the Orange Foam Pad. 7. For each subsequent section, add minimal Correcting Polish. Moisten pad with a mist of Detail Spray. Less is more! 8. Move onto Adamís Finishing Polish to add incredible gloss and depth.

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