Dynamat Xtream Automotive Sound Deadening Kit

Part Number: DYN-10455
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Dynamat Xtream Automotive Sound Deadening Kit

Product Details

Dynamat Xtreme greatly helps to reduce annoying tire or road noise in any automotive application by blocking sound waves from reaching your interior. Lingenfelter offers this as an upgrade during mini tub installation on C5 and C6 Corvette's and any package installation on SSR, CTS-V, GTO or SUV. Its also available as a stand-alone improvement. Dynamat is installed underneath the factory carpet and will not be noticeable with correct installation. Another benefit of Dynamat is its ability to reduce heat transfer which will help to reduce interior temperatures. Dynamat Xtreme #20455 Kit includes nine 18x32 inch pieces of damping material which will cover most C5 & C6 rear area applications including Lingenfelter mini tub installs.

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