EFILive V2 FlashScan Tuner GM Applications

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EFILive V2 FlashScan Tuner GM Applications

Product Details

FlashScan V2 with GM Tuning is a scan tool, data logger and calibration programmer for selected GM engine and transmission controllers, in either standalone mode (FlashScan V2 to vehicle connection), or in pass through mode (PC/laptop to FlashScan V2 to vehicle connection).

FlashScan V2 with GM Tuning supports a wide range of late model GM controllers using both OBDII CAN and OBDII VPW J1850 communications protocols.

FlashScan V2 with GM Tuning allows customers to tune the following supported vehicles:

GM Gas Supported Vehicles
GM Transmission Supported Vehicles
GM Diesel Supported Vehicles
Flash Only Supported Vehicles

FlashScan V2 with GM Tuning ships with two VIN licenses. Out of the box, FlashScan V2 is capable of tuning two supported engine controllers (ECM or PCM) and two supported transmission controllers (TCM). The ECMs/PCMs and TCMs can be be from different vehicles. 97/98 LS1 Stream is also included.

Additional VIN Licenses (up to a limit of 220 per FlashScan V2 device) or Unlimited Stream Licenses (for selected controllers) may be purchased from EFILive's online web store.

FlashScan V2 Package Contents

FlashScan V2 interface device
EFILive Scan and Tune software installation CD
2 x AD-2 external input connectors
EFILive OBDII cable (J1962-A to RJ45)
EFILive USB cable (USB-A to USB-B)
EFILive Serial cable (RJ12 to DB9 female)

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