Lingenfelter Suburban Yukon XL Auxiliary Fan Kit AC Clutch Control 2005-07

Part Number: L300080607
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Lingenfelter Suburban Yukon XL Auxiliary Fan Kit AC Clutch Control 2005-07

Product Details

The Lingenfelter auxiliary cooling fan system is designed to improve the performance of the air conditioning system under idling, stopped and low speed conditions on engine driven mechanical fan GM 2500 series Suburban and Yukon XL vehicles 2005-2007.

The system features two electric pusher fans that are packaged in front of the AC condenser to provide supplemental airflow across the AC condenser. In testing performed by LPE these fans have also shown to improve the stopped and low speed inlet air temperature heat soak that can cause reduced initial off the line vehicle performance.

Two versions of this auxiliary cooling fan system exist:
This version that uses the AC clutch to control the operation of the auxiliary fans
A version that has the vehicle’s engine control module (ECM) control the fans directly. This version requires recalibration of the factory ECM programming PN L300090607.

The fan diameters and motor sizes have been selected for these kits to be compatible with the production GM supplied alternators assuming that significant other electrical accessory loads have not been added to the system. If you need additional alternator output in order to provide for the electrical demands of these fans and other electrical components that have been added to the vehicle, please contact LPE for information on the available higher output alternators. View Product Instructions

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