C6 Corvette Torque Converter 15% Higher Stall 6L80E Trans 2006-2013

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C6 Corvette Torque Converter 15% Higher Stall 6L80E Trans 2006-2013

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This torque converter is for the 6L80E A6 six speed automatic transmission found in the 2006-2008 C6 Corvette. The torque converter is a 258 mm diameter which is over 40 mm smaller in diameter than the production 300 mm diameter torque converter. This significant reduction in diameter provides a noticeable difference in weight and inertia, providing for faster engine acceleration and throttle response.

This torque converter is also designed to be roughly 15% higher stall than the stock torque converter, allowing you to get up into the power band sooner, further improving vehicle performance. Although looser than the stock converter, this converter still maintains very good driveability for every day use.

The torque converter features a heavy duty twin plate torque converter clutch so despite the smaller diameter, it doesn't sacrifice torque converter clutch capacity. This torque converter works with the factory calibration with no changes required. These are brand new torque converters, not rebuilds or modified stock units. This converter will not work in the 6L80E equipped trucks or the Pontiac G8.

Diameter: 258 mm
K Factor: 116
Stall Torque: 1.69
Stall: 15% higher than stock

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