Micro Storm MS-001 2-Stage Dual Ramp Progressive Nitrous Controller

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Micro Storm MS-001 2-Stage Dual Ramp Progressive Nitrous Controller

Product Details

The Micro Storm MS-001 progressive nitrous controller provides control for two stages of nitrous with a maximum of five different setup configurations. Each stage has independent control parameters that are controlled by a single activation input. The Micro Storm MS-001 also features an optional dual ramp feature that can be configured if desired.

If a Clutch or trans brake input is provided for launch control. When the Clutch/Trans Brake input is active with +12 volt applied, the nitrous activation is ignored until the Clutch/Trans Brake input is released. This eliminates the need for additional relays when staging at wide open throttle.

The activation input can be configured for +12 volt activation or TPS activation. When a TPS is used the closed throttle voltage and wide open throttle voltage are user programmable with either manual adjustment or using live sensor readings. The TPS input works with either a rising or falling signal, the only requirement is that the signal must span a minimum of 2.5 volts. If the entered values for closed and WOT throttle voltages are less than 2.5 volt span an error code will be displayed until corrected and the unit will be disabled.

There is an integrated RPM window switch function with a wide range of tachometer signal input frequencies available. This feature is disabled if no tachometer input signal is present.

The MS-001 can be used with wet or dry nitrous systems. View Product Instructions

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