Lingenfelter GM LS Cylinder Head Dowel Pin Locator Tool

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Lingenfelter GM LS Cylinder Head Dowel Pin Locator Tool

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On LSA, LS9, LS3, and L92 cylinder heads, GM places a dowel pin on the intake manifold and a matching dowel hole on the cylinder head itself. The location of this dowel pin will be different depending on whether the engine is supercharged like the LSA & LS9 or naturally aspirated like the LS3 & L92.

The LPE cylinder head dowel pin locator tool can be used to precisely position and drill a new dowel pin hole in a different position. For example, this tool could be used on naturally aspirated LS3 heads to allow for the installation of a LSA or LS9 supercharger, or the tool could be used when installing LSA/LS9 heads on an engine with an LS3 or L92 intake manifold.

This tool works not only for the 4 cylinder heads mentioned above, but for virtually any GM rectangular port cylinder head, including LY6 truck heads. View Product Instructions

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