Noco G3500 Genius High Efficiency Wicked Smart Battery Charger

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Noco G3500 Genius High Efficiency Wicked Smart Battery Charger

Product Details

3.5A (3500mA) G3500 charger is an intelligent 8 step fully automatic switch mode battery charger and maintainer. Not only is the NOCO G3500 lightweight and compact, they also consume less energy, and charge 2 x faster than comparable linear chargers.

Standard features
Charges batteries 2x faster than traditional linear battery chargers
High frequency, high efficiency for a lightweight compact charger
100% full charge even with varying A/C input voltage
6V or 12V compatibility
Fully interactive & automatically adjusts itself to changing current needs
Automatically shuts off if charger remains i bulk charge mode for an extended period of time
Designed for safety with revers polarity, short circuit, open circuit, spark proof, overheat, overcurrent & overcharge
Safely charges wet, gel, MF & AGM batteries
Plug & play extendable connectors for easy accessory changes
5 year limited warranty

The G3500 restores batteries to their original capacity, recovers slightly sulfated batteries, charges batteries in cold climates, rescues drained batteries and provides maintenance charging to increase battery life. A versatile battery charger that provides charging modes for both large and small batteries from 1.2 - 120Ah such as cars, RVs, boats & trucks, as well as for motorcycles, ATVs jet skis or snowmobiles.

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