Racetronix Corvette GSS340M Fuel Pump Kit 1986-1989

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Racetronix Corvette GSS340M Fuel Pump Kit 1986-1989

Product Details

Walbro GSS340M 255L/Hr pump + Racetronix custom installation kit

* Walbro 255L/Hr (B)
* Filter sock - 30 micron filtering (factory=70 micron)
* Walbro to GM PnP power adapter
* Terminal lock
* High pressure fuel line
* Stainless gear clamps
* Rubber pump mount
* Pump sound insulation sleeve
* C4 fuel tank gasket
* Stainless hex-head tank bolts, washers and o-ring seals ( 9 pieces)
* Hex key
* Silicone grease

The Pump

Walbro set the industry standard in high-performance in-tank pumps. Walbro pumps are used as factory equipment in performance vehicles such as the C5 Corvette. Walbro's gerotor design is able to maintain high volume at elevated pressures. This is done by squeezing the fuel out between two gears instead of pushing it like most factory vane pumps. The positive displacement gerotor design makes high-performance Walbro pumps small, light weight, quiet, efficient and reliable. Racetronix offers the C44-FPA bundled with the GSS242M 190L/Hr or the GSS340M 255L/Hr pump. The GSS242M is capable of supporting approximately 450RWHP* @ 13.5V through factory lines. The GSS340M is capable of supporting approximately 550RWHP* @ 13.5V through factory lines. (* HP numbers will vary based on engine and driveline efficiency, operating pressure and pump voltage.)
Why do other vendors offer the GSS307M but Racetronix does not? Racetronix has decided to bundle the GSS340M pump with all C44 HP systems as it will do everything the GSS307M will do and more regardless if you are running a naturally aspirated or forced induction motor. Running a high-pressure capable GSS340M pump does not cause abnormally high fuel pressure. Fuel pressure is controlled by the regulator on the fuel rail. The GSS340M's motor design allows it to draw less power than a GSS307M at the same operating pressure. The pressure setting of the GSS340M's internal safety bypass valve is set higher than the GSS307M's to accommodate forced induction applications which require higher fuel pressures than naturally aspirated motors. The Walbro GSS340M is only a few dollars more than the GSS307.
Other vendors state that the GSS340M is a discontinued pump? Walbro introduced the F20000169 pump to replace the GSS340M in March 2004. The F20000169 is exactly the same pump internally as the GSS340(M) apart from the new smaller offset molded inlet. This new inlet design means that Walbro no longer has to machine the ends of a GSS340 pump in order to accept a GM style filter sock. The F20000169 is more expensive than the GSS340M therefore Racetronix will continue to offer the GSS340M while passing the savings along to our customers. Please note the 'M' in GSS340M stands for machined end. A GSS340 (not machined) is the typical pump used in vehicles such as a Mustang and will not accept the GM style filter sock nor fit a G.M. fuel pump module properly. The GSS340 is still a current production Walbro pump.

Pump Installation kit- Racetronix Exclusive!

Walbro does not manufacture a fuel pump installation kit specifically for the C4 Corvette. Walbro's 400-835 and 400-1016 fuel pump installation kits which are normally bundled with the GSS340M and F20000169 pumps are tailored towards 1980's g-body and b-body fuel senders. Racetronix has bundled together a C4 specific fuel pump installation kit which includes a few upgrades such as a sound insulation sleeve, one-piece teflon in-tank wiring harness, C4 tank gasket and stainless sender bolts with o-rings. The factory pump came with a sound insulation sleeve so we have included one. This sleeve helps reduce pump noise heard from outside the tank. Racetronix has manufactured a quality C4 tank gasket and bundled it with new stainless steel tank bolts and o-rings. Most C4 tank gaskets are in pretty bad shape and will not provide a proper vapor seal. The factory black-oxide sender bolts are typically rusted and their o-rings have deteriorated. These bolts must be in good condition and their o-rings intact to achieve a vapor seal as they extend into the gas tank. GM fuel sender gasket (P/N 25091503) lists at $15.25. The fuel sender bolts with o-rings (P/N 14044556) list at $45.54 for a set of nine. A total value of $60.79 included at no extra charge. Racetronix supplied bolts and tank gasket are made from superior materials. A hex key is included to aid in the installation of the stainless sender bolts.

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