MAGNUSON TVS2650 Magnum GM Truck & SUV L83 5.3L Supercharger 2014-2018

Part Number: MAG-01-26-53-014-BL
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MAGNUSON TVS2650 Magnum GM Truck & SUV L83 5.3L Supercharger 2014-2018

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The MAGNUSON TVS2650 Magnum GM Truck & SUV L83 5.3L Supercharger will take your 2014-2018 GM Truck or 2015-2020 GM SUV to the next level with more HORSEPOWER!  Built off of our premium Magnum Performance Line, our Magnum Truck Kit will give your engine an incredible 42% boost in horsepower: 485 hp and 524 ft-lbs at the crank! Featuring a massive charge air cooler, sitting directly above the supercharger outlet for maximum cooling capability. The uniquely styled lid has been designed to allow consistent and uniform airflow to all eight cylinders, for reliable, repeatable performance! 

Magnuson only uses the highest quality components in our supercharger kits, from our precision machined rotors and housings, right down to detailed step-by-step installation instructions. 

FITMENT | 2014-2018 GM Trucks with L83 5.3L Engine. Including the GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Silverado
2015-2018 GM SUVs with L83 5.3L Engine. Including the Chevrolet Suburban and Tahoe, Cadillac Escalade, and GMC Yukon

NOTE | The stock 5.3L throttle body is not compatible with this kit. Installation Will Require the purchase of a stock 6.2L 90mm throttle body for stock applications. 90mm Throttle Body GM part number: 12678223 

Calibration is available for stock or modified vehicles. Modifications must be documented when submitting the Calibration File Form to Magnuson. For extreme builds, please contact our Sales Department at to verify suitability for tuning in advance of purchasing kit. 

NOTE TO CUSTOMERS WITH MODIFIED VEHICLES | The Magnuson calibration included with this kit is intended to work on stock vehicle configurations, including stock trim levels and stock OEM vehicle options. Modifications to your stock vehicle including, but are not limited to, engine, flywheel, clutch, torque converter, transmission, wheels, tires, axles, gears, driveshafts, induction system, exhaust system and additional weight (ie. bumpers, racks, etc.) can have a significant impact on your vehicle’s calibration and may require modifications to our calibration as supplied. While we attempt to minimize the need for modifications during our development process, it is impossible for our team to account for all possible build variations/combinations, and in some cases, it may be necessary for you to supply an additional element of customization for your vehicle—custom calibration—and to work, at your own direction and expense, with a local service facility to address your unique combination of hardware and make calibration adjustments as necessary. 

Please be aware that standard product warranties and governmental emissions certifications are predicated on stock vehicle configurations, and vehicle modifications and calibration changes may affect or even void powertrain warranty and emissions certification status (such as CARB emissions certification). It is the sole responsibility of the customer making a warranty claim to prove that any vehicle modifications and calibration changes were within warranty. It also is the sole responsibility of the customer to determine if the modifications and changes comply with all local, state, and federal emissions standards.


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