ACS T6 Camaro SS Splitter 2016-17

Part Number: ACS48-4-001
Product availability: Call Sales @260-724-2552
Free Shipping: No
Shipping Weight: 10.00 pounds
ACS T6 Camaro SS Splitter 2016-17
Winglets & Deflectors:
Carbon Flash Black Metallic Paint:

Product Details

The ACS composite splitter is both durable & functional, at speed the splitter works to move air gracefully around the while creating increased downforce. The raised central area will help with ground clearance when driving over steep driveways & most importantly improve the airflow of the horizontally mounted factory transmission oil cooler.

Winglets have over the last few decades been used by both commercial & corporate jets. Jet designers have long known that airflow off the end of a wing caused drag. With the implementation of the winglet airflow is dramatically improved. Same principal applies to the latest ACS Camaro winglets & deflectors. The ACS Camaro SS splitter can be installed with no endcaps or your choice of the S2 or S3 deflectors.

Base prices do not include painting.

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