BMR Cadillac CTS-V Anti-Wheel Hop Kit 2004-2005

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BMR Cadillac CTS-V Anti-Wheel Hop Kit 2004-2005

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Anybody that's driven one of these cars knows about the serious wheelhop issues. What people don't know is how to resolve it. While this car is definitely a modern day musclecar, first and foremost it's a Cadillac and GM designed the suspension ultimately with ride quality in mind. This doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice ride quality, though. A careful balance of fixed mounts and rubber mounts can provide both ride quality and traction.

This kit makes the cradle a fixed mount with machined polyurethane spacers and reinforces the cradle at the trailing arm mount. With this kit alone, wheelhop is reduced approximately 75% and ride quality is only slightly effected.

NOTE: May not clear B&B exhaust

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