BMR Suspension Camaro SS Rear Suspension Bushing Kit 2010-2015

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BMR Suspension Camaro SS Rear Suspension Bushing Kit 2010-2015

Product Details

This kit consists of the rear trailing arm bushings (BK006) and upper control arm bushings (BK017).

BK017 - Decrease spindle counter-rotation under acceleration by upgrading your OE rubber upper control arm bushing with a high durometer BMR polyurethane bushing upgrade. This bushing is very soft from the factory and has a lot of leverage placed on it during aggressive shifting. During testing, we observed severe deflection in this bushing which permitted the rear uprights (spindles) to counter-rotate excessively during a launch or other high load situations such as shifting. These 70 durometer bushings successfully reduce this movement, providing more consistent and predictable load transmission to the tires.

BK006 - These bushings should be replaced any time the trailing arm is upgraded. Deflection in the factory bushings allows wheel-hop and inconsistent launch characteristics. BMR trailing Arm Bushings are made from 95 durometer polyurethane.

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