BMR Suspension Cadillac CTS-V Pinion Support Brace 2004-2006

Part Number: BMRPSB001R
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BMR Suspension Cadillac CTS-V Pinion Support Brace 2004-2006

Product Details

The differential is mounted to the rear cradle by soft rubber bushings. There are two bushings in the rear and only one in the front. This front bushing is responsible for maintaining pinion angle which is critical for u-joint life, launch consistency, and overall driveline efficiency.

By simply releasing the clutch at idle with the brake on, the stock, unsupported pinion measures up to 2 degrees of deflection. Aggressive driving loads this bushing significantly more allowing up to 4 degrees of pinion deflection before the OE bushing bottoms out .

Our Pinion Support adds a low deflection polyurethane bushing to the front mount and reduces deflection to almost zero off idle. The result is immediately noticeable as it removes the spongy feel noticeable off idle and decreases the audible thunk heard when the OE bushing bottoms out.

Simple 1 hour installation.

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