BMR Camaro SS Subframe Connectors Bolt-On 2010-2012

Part Number: BMRSFC015R
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BMR Camaro SS Subframe Connectors Bolt-On 2010-2012

Product Details

Stiffen up the chassis for greatly improved handling with Sub Frame Connectors from BMR Fabrication. Constructed of 1 x 1 x .120 wall rectangular tubing and 3/16 CNC laser cut and formed steel plates, these Sub Frame Connectors use pre-existing bolt holes on the Camaro for a truly bolt-in piece.

The triangulating design stiffens and reinforces the chassis by joining three key areas of the vehicle's chassis: the front sub frames, carrier bearing location, and the rear sub frame where the rear suspension cradle mounts.

By fastening these three locations, the Sub Frame Connectors enrich the handling and response of your Camaro.

New hardware is provided for an easy installation time of only one hour.

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