BMR Suspension Camaro SS Strut Tower Brace 2-Point 2010

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BMR Suspension Camaro SS Strut Tower Brace 2-Point 2010

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The fifth generation of Chevrolet's cAMARO is GM's most rigid platform to date however that doesn't mean it can't be improved upon. Strut towers are subject to more load than most people realize and even normal everyday driving can deflect the towers a measurable amount. Aggressive driving and especially track driving can move the towers around enough to create erratic handling inconsistencies and temporary alignment drift. Most of this load is directed inward as the strut/spring compresses and attempts to close the distance between the two towers.

BMR's front Strut Tower Brace reinforces the front end by tying the two strut towers together, effectively canceling tower deflection.

BMR's Strut Tower Brace is manufactured from large diameter 1.75 x .120 tubing with heavy duty 1/4 thick mounting plates. Our braces mount directly to the top of the strut towers at the highest leverage point for the greatest amount of stability. The upper strut retainer is replaced with BMR's billet aluminum, high clearance retainer.

*Does not fit V6's. Does not clear Suncoast Creations Ram Air hoods.

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