BORLA C6 Corvette Connecting X-Pipe 2005-2008

Part Number: BOR60089
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BORLA C6 Corvette Connecting X-Pipe 2005-2008

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System Pipe Diameter: Dual 2.5 inches

Borla Performance Industries once again proves why we’ve led the aftermarket performance exhaust industry for over 26 years. BORLA has an exalted heritage with Chevrolet performance vehicles. From the C5R LeMans Winning Corvettes to privateers like KEC, Pratt-Miller, Lingenfelter and Lou Gigliotti who have enhanced BORLA’s knowledge of both the vehicle dynamics and power-plant engineering. The new C6 is a muscle car with a big, powerful engine and sophisticated sexy chassis. BORLA has always used the transfer of technology from racing to the street as a tool, and the C6 plays right into that wheelhouse. With an experienced RD staff, the BORLA team gave the Chevrolet mark the attention it deserves, rolling out several new system options. Airflow management and exhaust engineering is a science with which BORLA has more experience than anyone in the exhaust aftermarket. Our Part #140128 is a true dual Cat-Back™ system employing now famous BORLA “S” Style race-bred 5” diameter straight-through mufflers that feed two 5” round, rolled edge, angle-cut tips on each outlet. Make no mistake, this is an aggressive exhaust, proclaiming loud and clear that 400+ horses are ready to stampede under this hood. #140128 is a full 14 pounds lighter than the stock system, includes the famous Borla X-pipe (also sold separately as Part #60089) after the factory cats and flows a full 300cfm more than the factory system which, as most engine builders will confirm, accounts for the significant power improvements. Perhaps more importantly, this flow will also maximize other performance enhancements because each BORLA exhaust is tuned to get peak output from any aftermarket performance upgrade. Weight Comparisons: Stock Cat-Back™ Exhaust (w/ h-pipe)…………………..…58 Lbs. Borla S Type Cat-Back™ (w/ X-pipe)……………44 Lbs. Rear Sections Only Stock rear section…………………………….. 40 Lbs. Borla S Type rear section……………..……….29 Lbs. We saw a 10-15 hp gain with our S-Type rear section and a few more with our X-pipe. The full S-Type Cat-Back™ system with the X-pipe should consistently get 12-15hp on a stock C6 but can also get 18+ hp depending on the conditions. Please note a number of variables affect the horsepower delta with dynomometers . In addition to the quad round-tip system, BORLA also offer boths a quad oval-tip system (#140131) and a dual rectangular-tip system (#140133). All three systems shout American V8 here and can’t help but be noticed. Borla Performance Industries, the original pioneers of aerospace-grade high quality austenitic stainless steel (superior to 409 or aluminized steel) free-flow exhaust utilizes patented award and race winning technology to deliver quality, sound, performance gains and enhanced fuel economy — all with an easy bolt-on installation. All BORLA street products carry an unsurpassed written million-mile warranty.

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