COMP CAMS BBC Endure-X Solid .842" Centered Roller Lifter Set Chevrolet V8 396-454 1965-1996

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COMP CAMS BBC Endure-X Solid .842" Centered Roller Lifter Set Chevrolet V8 396-454 1965-1996

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Endure-X� Solid Roller Lifters

Redesigned Endure-X� Solid Roller Lifters Deliver Unmatched Performance & Durability For Today�s Engines

For years, COMP Cams� Super Roller Lifters have set the standard for solid roller lifter performance and durability. But today�s performance engines with radical cam lobe designs, higher valve spring pressures and increased rpm ranges place a greater demand on lifters, unlike ever before. In keeping with the heightened requirements, COMP Cams� has not only changed the name of their race proven solid roller lifter line, but more importantly, enhanced its durability with a series of innovative upgrades.

New Advancements Virtually Eliminate #1 Cause Of Roller Lifter Failure
Most significant among the upgrades is the addition of EDM Oil Injection� technology, which ensures the bearing assembly receives a constant flow of pressurized oil. Unlike other lifters that offer pressurized oiling only as an upgrade, EDM Oil Injection� technology is standard in every Endure-X� Solid Roller Lifter. This virtually eliminates needle bearing oil starvation, historically the number one cause of roller lifter failure. To further strengthen the bearing assembly, the Endure-X� Solid Roller Lifters also include needle rollers that are precision sorted by size, evenly distributing loads to avoid premature wear and failure. The COMP Cams� engineers also incorporated a Tool Steel bearing axle to eliminate wear and keep internal bearing tolerances in check for added high rpm durability. 

More Standard Features Make Endure-X� The Choice Of Top Engine Builders
In addition to the new upgrades, all Endure-X� Solid Roller Lifters still contain the features that make them the choice of top engine builders. Every lifter is fully heat-treated, machined to ultra-high tolerances and fully rebuildable. The COMP Cams� patented link bar assembly* blends all the advantages of a removable link bar with the safety of a captured link bar. COMP Cams� Endure-X� Solid Roller Lifters are available for a variety of applications, including small base circle and off-set applications.

* Not available in select models that require a captured link bar design

o EDM Oil Injection� Technology � Innovative feature guarantees a constant flow of pressurized oil to the roller bearing assembly via an EDM-bored passage
o Precision Sorted Bearings � All needle bearings are precision sorted by size to distribute load evenly, preventing premature wear and failure
o Tool Steel Axle � Upgraded bearing axle is made of wear resistant Tool Steel to prolong the life of the roller assembly, particularly in high rpm applications
o Removable Link Bar - COMP Cams� patented link bar assembly combines the benefits of a removable link bar with the safety of a captured link bar
o Fully Rebuildable - In most cases, Endure-X� Solid Roller Lifters can be rebuilt yielding twice the service life of other roller lifters


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