Cloyes Hex Adjust C5R HD Timing Chain LS1, LS2, LS6

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Cloyes Hex Adjust C5R HD Timing Chain LS1, LS2, LS6

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The 9-3158AZ is a 1x cam sensor design that fits the 2005-2006 24x LS2 engines 2005 Corvette, 2005-2006 GTO, 2005-2006 SSR and Trailblazer SS. It can also be used on earlier LS1 and LS6 applications.

These sets start with All-Billet Steel Sprockets, made to eliminate chain slack found in the OE and other aftermarket sets. Both sprockets are then Induction Heat-Treated, and Hand-Matched with an IWIS C5R Extreme Duty True Roller Chain with .250 Diameter Rollers - giving them superior strength, and precise accuracy for maximum performance. Cloyes Hex A Just sets offer more adjustment with the ability to alter timing in fractions of a degree, +6 deg to - 6 degrees.

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