Cloyes Hex Adjust True Roller HD Timing Chain Set GM LS7 LS9 +.390

Part Number: CLY9-3167AZR
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Cloyes Hex Adjust True Roller HD Timing Chain Set GM LS7 LS9 +.390

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The 9-3167AZR is a 4x cam sensor design that fits LS7, LS9 dry sump three bolt cam sprocket applications using aftermarket blocks that have the camshaft position raised .390" from standard location.

- Patented Quick Adjust® allows +/- 6 degrees
- Induction Heat-Treated, Billet Steel Sprockets
- 3 Keyway Billet Steel Crank Sprocket
- Premium True® Roller Chain with .250” Diameter Rollers
- Hand Matched to qualify both center distance and run-out

An industry breakthrough when introduced in 1992. Since then the accuracy and simplicity of our Hex-A-Just® system remains unmatched by competitors. The Hex-A-Just® True® Roller Set is infinitely adjustable to /- 6 degrees. No machining required and no fumbling with offset bushings. Simply dial in your cam timing with the turn of a wrench then tighten the cam bolts to lock the cam position in place.

Sprockets are machined from premium billet steel on our state-of-the-art CNC equipment. Both sprockets are then induction hardened and oil-quenched using our in-house multi-stage heat treat process. Our Premium True® Roller chain features superior strength with full roller action. Side plates are cut and shaved from high strength steel and heat-treated for maximum fatigue resistance. The .250” rollers are “cold rolled” and hardened to exacting standards increasing load and RPM capabilities. An additional feature on Chevrolet applications is the Cloyes’ patented “cheater” sprocket tooth profile that provides improved chain wrap and smoother transition.

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