Cloyes Hex Adjust Race Billet True Roller HD Timing Chain Set LS2

Part Number: CLY9-3672TX3
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Cloyes Hex Adjust Race Billet True Roller HD Timing Chain Set LS2

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The 9-3672TX3 is a 4x cam sensor design that fits LS2 3 Bolt cam sprocket applications

- Induction Heat-Treated, Billet Steel Sprockets
- 3 Keyway Crank Sprocket allows +/- 8 degrees
- Adjustability in 2 crank degree increments
- Premium True� Roller Chain with .250 Diameter Rollers
- Hand Matched to qualify both center distance and run-out

Cloyes Race Billet True� Roller Speed Sets are race ready. Sprockets are machined from premium billet steel on our state-of-the-art CNC equipment ensuring the highest quality product and eliminating inconsistencies found in other aftermarket sets. Both sprockets are induction hardened and oil-quenched using our in-house multi-stage heat treat process. Our Premium True� Roller chain features superior strength with full roller action. Side plates are cut and shaved from high strength steel and heat-treated for maximum fatigue resistance.The .250� rollers are �cold rolled� and hardened to exacting standards increasing load and RPM capabilities. Race Billet sets are available with 3 or 9 keyway crank sprockets offering multiple valve timing settings. All of our Race Billet sets are hand-matched at our manufacturing facility to qualify center distance and run-out. This Cloyes exclusive ensures that you get the very best with every set.

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