Oil/Air Separator, 200 L/Min

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Oil/Air Separator, 200 L/Min

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In high horsepower or turbo charged applications the crankcase pressure can force oil out of the PCV system. To trap and remove oil LPE offers this OEM style vapor separator. The separator contains a replaceable filter element and features a return line that can be plumbed to return oil to the engine via scavenge pump or dipstick tube. Designed to be connected to the non-pressurized side of the engine air intake & filtration system.

Safety blow-off valve built into the lid that relieves at 50 mbar
Crankcase pressure regulator valve in the side of the unit that opens at -15 mbar
Designed for a blow-by gas flow rate of 200 liters/minutes 53 g/min

PCV hose inlet/outlets 1.0 diameter
Oil drainback outlet .488 diameter
Height: 9 inches
Diameter: 5 inches
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