Lingenfelter 720 HP Z06 Corvette Stage 1 Kit, LT4, 2015-2019

Part Number: L250580215
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Lingenfelter 720 HP Z06 Corvette Stage 1 Kit, LT4, 2015-2019

Product Details

The Lingenfelter 720 HP Z06 Corvette Upgrade Kit is based on LPE's installed 720 HP package for the C7 Z06 Corvette, bringing the same proven combination of components installed at Lingenfelter to performance shops and experienced DIY consumers

Produces 720 HP and 730 lb-ft of torque at the flywheel

ECM calibration is required but not included. Other than ECM calibration no other components are required to achieve the specified performance levels. Testing performed with an otherwise stock vehicle, including stock exhaust and stock fuel system

The 720 HP Z06 kit includes virtually all of the required parts other than the engine calibration, including:
- Lingenfelter/ATI LT1/LT4 dry sump torsional vibration damper
- Lingenfelter 9.2 15% overdrive supercharger drive damper pulley
- Pulley fasteners
- Supercharger belt
- 100mm idler kit
- Low restriction air filter
- Crankshaft bolt
- Diagnostic port (DLC) cover kit

Engine dyno testing results:
720 HP at 6100 RPM
730 LBS-FT at 3750 RPM
13 psi boost increase of roughly 2.5 psi

- Lingenfelter designed, developed and tested package of components proven to work together
- Engine and chassis dynamometer verified performance
- Increased horsepower and torque over stock
- Excellent driveability with proper tuning not included

Crank bolt torque with red loctite 59 ft lbs plus 200 degrees.

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