Lingenfelter Forged LS9 Aluminum Piston & Ring Set by JE

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Lingenfelter Forged LS9 Aluminum Piston & Ring Set by JE

Product Details

Lingenfelter offers this forged LS9 aluminum piston & ring kit manufactured by JE Pistons. This is a forged 4.070 inch diameter piston, heavy duty tool steel pin & file fit ring set for ZR1 LS9 engines. This piston is designed to use the KAT-A5144 piston oil squirters & should be used with a stock LS9 titanium connecting rod.

0.005 inch overbore forged piston
Stainless with CrN face top, ductile iron Napier 2nd & stainless 3 piece oil ring
Requires KAT-A5144 piston oil squirters
Increased strength forged piston compared to cast OEM LS9 piston
Maintains OEM LSA compression ratio
Works with LSA, LS3 and LS9 engine blocks
Designed for boosted engine applications
Clears crankshaft reluctor wheel

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