Bosch Intercooler Pump, Bracket And Harness Kit

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Bosch Intercooler Pump, Bracket And Harness Kit

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This pump is a heavy duty coolant circulation pump that can be used as a reliable intercooler pump. The pump will flow 5-6 GPM with a normal intercooler system at 4.5 psi. Many pumps we tested flowed more at no restriction but dropped off quickly when used in testing. Our testing showed this was the highest flowing pump for use in an automotive application. The motor on this pump is linked to the pump assembly and impeller shaft via a magnetic coupling. This means that no shaft connect the two systems and eliminates shaft seal failures. This pump is designed for continuous operation and is very durable, quiet and is the same pump we use on our Gen II liquid to air intercooler systems on the C6 Corvette.

Kit includes the pump, rubber isolated bracket and fuse/relay harness.

Rated flow: 5.5 GPM at 4.5 psi
Nominal operating voltage: 12 Volts DC
5.5 Amp Maximum draw
Maximum coolant temperature: 275 degrees F
Inlet / outlet fitting size: 3/4 inch
Harness included: green - on/off, orange +, black -

BOS 0392-022-002

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