Lingenfelter ECSS-001 Fuel Composition Signal Generator Module

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Lingenfelter ECSS-001 Fuel Composition Signal Generator Module
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- Variable boost turbocharger systems that need to modify target AFR and/or timing when increasing boost
- Nitrous applications that want to use the primary fuel injectors for fuel control
- Racing applications that want to make quick air-fuel ratio adjustments at the track
- Racing applications that want to manually set the ethanol content percentage based on actual fuel measurements

The Lingenfelter ECSS-001 fuel composition signal generator or Ethanol Content Sensor Simulator, is a module that generates the same output signals as the OEM fuel composition sensor used on many vehicles. By enabling this input on engine control modules capable of reading this sensor the ECSS-001 allows the user to change air-fuel ratio and modify ignition timing based on external activation inputs. This allows a nitrous system or other external system to change the air-fuel ratio and/or the ignition timing

- Two sets of easily adjustable device control switches
- Ethanol Content 1 % is the setting 1 ethanol content in 1% increments from 0% to 99%
- Ethanol Content 2 % is the setting 2 ethanol content in 1% increments from 0% to 99%
- Activation input wire
- User selectable for +12 volts or ground activation
- Used to switch between setting 1 and setting 2 ethanol content % settings
- Both open drain and push-pull type signal outputs are provided
- Simulates the ethanol content signal generated by the GM Siemens and GM Continental fuel composition sensors
- Support for other sensors to be added
- Works with GM engine control modules (ECMs) and powertrain control modules (PCMs) that have operating software capable recognizing a fuel composition sensor signal
- May require reprogramming to enable the sensor input
- Reprogramming software from EFILive, HPTuners, TunerCat, SCT and others may be required
- Not designed to replace the fuel composition sensor in flex fuel vehicles

Benefits: - Allows nitrous to be installed on engines where it may be difficult to achieve even fuel distribution with inlet mounted fuel solenoids or where it is not recommended to have fuel such as pre-supercharger
- Simplifies nitrous installation and reduces installation cost by eliminating the need to provide additional fuel via an add on system
- Allows easy adjustments to fueling and/or timing

- Accepts a +12 volt or ground activation input
- Easy to adjust fuel composition % changes in 1% increments
- High temperature glass filled Nylon enclosure & fully epoxy potted circuit board for increased durability

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