C6 Corvette High Flow Fuel Pump Module, Internal Regulator

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C6 Corvette High Flow Fuel Pump Module, Internal Regulator

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- 2003.5-2004 Corvette LS1 & LS6
- 2005-2007 Corvette LS2
- 2008-2013 Corvette LS3
- 2006-2013 Z06 Corvette LS7

The Lingenfelter high flow replacement fuel pump module for late C5 and C6 Corvettes (except ZR1) is a complete replacement fuel pump module ready to install in your vehicle. The module features a TI Automotive/Walbro E85 compatible dual-channel, single-stage (DCSS) 39/50 turbine fuel pump. The module retains the stock internal fuel pressure regulator and installation requires no changes to the external vehicle fuel lines or the passenger side fuel tank. The module incorporates LPEs jet-pump orifice feed t-fitting and check valve assembly (PN L760100000) to allow the electric fuel pump to properly drive the modules venturi pump and to maintain line pressure on vehicle shut down to maintain proper hot restart system performance

The fuel level sensor is not included but the LPE C6 fuel pump module is compatible with the OEM level sensor and OEM and aftermarket replacement level sensors

- E85 compatible TI Automotive turbine fuel pump
- OEM quality module
- Built in fuel pressure regulator and fuel filter like the stock module means easy installation and no additional fuel system modifications are required
- OEM style materials and construction
- Direct replacement fitment
- Easy installation
- Cost effective fuel supply solution for the vast majority of Corvette performance upgrades

- Flows over 260 lph at 13.5 volts at 400 kPa (58 psi) fuel pressure. This flow rating is module output (to the fuel rail) and accounts for the flow required to drive the modules internal venturi pump, the passenger side venturi transfer pump and the pressure drop across the check valve, internal fuel filter and other internal components (fittings, lines etc.)
- On gasoline at 13.5 volts the module will support roughly 800 HP naturally aspirated (~0.5 BSFC) and 700 HP for turbocharged/supercharged applications (~0.6 BSFC)
- On E85 at 13.5 volts the module will support roughly 650 HP naturally aspirated and 500 HP for turbocharged/supercharged applications
- Can be voltage boosted up to 18 volts for additional fuel flow increase
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