MAHLE Pistons Forged Aluminum Power Pack Ring & Piston Set LS1 LS6 LS2

Part Number: LS1314908F04
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MAHLE  Pistons Forged Aluminum Power Pack Ring & Piston Set LS1 LS6 LS2

Product Details

Bore: 3.908
Stroke: 3.622
Rod Length: 6.125
Dome Volume: -4 cc
Pin Diameter: .927
Compression Height: 1.314

The Mahle PowerPak is a complete, race proven piston assembly kit composed of hand deburred, forged, performance coated pistons, high quality steel pins, round wire locks and low drag performance rings. Lingenfelter uses Mahle forged pistons in many of our proven engine packages and highly recommend them for their strength and high quality GRAFAL coating.

Forged Aluminum Pistons 
CNC machined crown 
Hand deburred finishing 
Forced pin oiling with machined drain backs 
Lightweight slipper skirt forgings 
CNC finished pin bores 
Race Proven reliable round wire locks
Pre-fitted German steel high strength pins
Mahle's ultra flat ring grooves and low drag rings for improved sealing

Improved coating for less friction
The piston skirts on Mahle pistons are coated with GRAFAL by Mahle. This coating helps to reduce friction, increase scuffing resistance while improving durability and enable a closer fitting piston to wall clearance for significantly lower engine noise.

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