MTI Camaro SS Stainless Steel Short Throw Shifter V8 2010-2013


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MTI Camaro SS Stainless Steel Short Throw Shifter V8 2010-2013

Product Details

MTI Racing has engineered the Six Shooter Shifter with 100% stainless steel construction, 25% shorter throw, and a better overall feel. Now you can go through the gears with confidence and precision. In testing LPE has found the MTI shifter will provide a smooth and comfortable shift that requires no extra effort.

- Enhanced precision with 25% shorter throw
- Direct feel and super-smooth action
- 100% stainless steel construction for a flex-free lever
- One piece ball machined into the lower stick
- Lower pivot point enhanced with stainless steel roller bearings
- Delrin carrier bushings that eliminate carrier movement
- Quiet operation by not transmitting drivetrain noise
- Kit includes Delrin bushings for use in stock shifter housing

Installation of the shifter requires the transmission to be lowered slightly to remove and install the shifter assembly. The MTI shifter is machined to allow the use of the stock shifter knob or aftermarket knobs. Does not fit ZL1 Camaro stock knob. Made in the USA and fits 2010 Camaro V8 applications.

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