ROTO-FAB Pontiac G8 V6 LY7 Oiled Filter Cold Air Intake System 2008-2009

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ROTO-FAB  Pontiac G8 V6 LY7 Oiled Filter Cold Air Intake System 2008-2009

Product Details

The ROTO-FAB  Pontiac G8 V6 LY7 Oiled Filter Cold Air Intake System is a true cold air intake system designed and molded to fit the Pontiac G8 V6 and design maximize performance and air flow. The Roto-fab system is built around a air box that is a complete, one-piece molded unit extending downward and outboard of the frame rail. This is crucial since the radiator fans fill the engine compartment with extremely hot air. The box was designed to maximize filter size while creating good alignment for the MAF sensor and the duct work to the throttle body. The open top combined with the hood seal allows the most air possible to all areas of the filter while maintaining a barrier against harmful engine and radiator heat.

To get the cold air moving there is a transition tube that couples the air filter to the MAF sensor. It features a mounting flange with a velocity stack design to maximize the air flow to the MAF sensor. The transition mounts to the MAF sensor with a high gloss silicone hose. Coupled to the opposite end of the hump hose, is a custom molded inlet duct with a large, gentle radius that keeps the air moving smoothly. The fit and finish of this kit is excellent, and maintains a very clean look as if it were there from the factory. The Roto-Fab kit gives the V6 engine a little more growl at wide open throttle and has shown gains between 10-18 RWHP on a chassis dyno.


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